KaboomWare is a mini-game engine + event based on Kaboom, inspired by the great WarioWare series.
You must supply 200 minigames by the end of 2023, or we have to destroy your planet.
Ken (alien), KaboomWare operation lead
KaboomWare is based on Kaboom, if you're not familiar with Kaboom start with this tutorial!
A KaboomWare mini-game is just a JavaScript object, with 5 entries:
promptThe title of the game, telling player what they should do. (Usually just a simple verb!)
authorYour name
hueHue of the background of the game (0.0 - 1.0).
onLoadLoad assets of your mini-game
onStartMain entry point of your mini-game gameplay. Should return a Kaboom game object that contains the entire scene and behavior.
Here is an example mini-game!
const squeezeGame = {
    prompt: "Squeeze!",
    author: "tga",
    hue: 0.46,
    onLoad: (k) => {
        k.loadSound("fly", "sounds/fly.mp3")
        k.loadSprite("hand", "sprites/hand.png")
    onStart: (k) => {
        const scene = k.make()
        const hand = scene.add([
            k.pos(420, 240),
        k.onButtonPress("action", () => {
            if (gotIt) {
        return scene
For more examples, see here